Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Joy of Running Water

I felt overwhelming joy the first time I turned on the new faucet and water sprung forth and it went down the drain and not all over the floor.  Plumbing is like so many things - great when it works - useless when it doesn't - like cars, computers, phones, garage door openers...

Now that the cabinet bases were in place, Addison and Maddie put in the drawers and installed cabinet doors, followed by the handles, baseboards, and trim.

Cabinet doors

The cabinet next to the dishwasher has a pull out deep drawer for the trash.  We were missing the correct parts, so another trip to IKEA was needed.  They were getting to know us there.

Hiding the pipes

Cabinet handles

A helpful hint when installing the handles - use a block of wood flush against the back side of the cabinet door or drawer to keep the paint or finish from coming off when you drill the hole for the handle.

More handles and under-cabinet lights

The electricians returned to install under-cabinet lighting.  Both the ceiling lights and the under-cabinet lights are LED soft white lights.  They don't produce heat, so the kitchen stays cool.  They are supposed to light for thousands and thousands of hours.  I figure I will be long gone before they burn out.

Trim hiding under-cabinet lights

Baseboards under cabinets

One unexpected pleasure of the kitchen remodel was the shear appreciation I gained for all the simple things we often take for granted until we no longer have them.  The first time I made eggs, bacon, and toast after the new stove was installed we marveled at how delicious it tasted.  Was it the new stove?  Or, the new pan?  Both are great, but we decided it was because we had been eating lots of take-out and fast food (not that I'm slamming them), having honest home cooked food after a long absence sure tasted good. Or, perhaps it was the bacon.  After all, what doesn't taste great with bacon?

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