Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bye Bye Stove

The IKEA delivery arrived - all 132 boxes.  The driver said they were only given fifteen minutes to unload each delivery, so we jumped into action moving as fast as we could while trying to check each item off the long list.  Fifteen sweaty minutes later the truck was on its way to the next delivery.

We had unloaded everything into the garage for speed, but we relocated it to the living room to join the appliances that had already been delivered. (I will talk more about my appliances later.  I didn't get them from IKEA.)  Looking at the great pile of stuff in my living room I was both excited and overwhelmed.  It had seemed like a good idea at the time.  What had I gotten us into?


More Boxes

The muffins were gone and so was my stove.  The electricians has removed it when they saw my new stove sitting in the hall.  Unfortunately, as soon as they had removed the old one Addison told me he would have to work all weekend.  In addition to doing the kitchen remodel, Addison worked a full time job this summer.  He went to work all day Monday through Friday then came home and worked on the kitchen during the evening and on weekends.  I told him some day - way in the future - we will look back fondly on this summer and laugh - way, way in the future.  He didn't seem convinced.

No More Stove

The electricians finished running the new wires, so Addison could start the drywall.  Since the walls were open he ran a flexible hose through the ceiling and vented it out through the side of the house to create a correct venting system for my future stove and microwave.  Then he began piecing together the drywall like a jigsaw puzzle.  Working around the pipe and stove vent was the fun part.

Precise Measuring

Thank Goodness For An Electric Screw Driver

Making Room For The Pipe

Drywall In Place

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