Sunday, March 30, 2014


It is no secret I love food, traveling, and architecture, but I also adore the academic world. The energy on a college campus is exciting and invigorating. So I was delighted to get to incorporate these elements with Maddie on some recent college visits. It has been a long, brutal winter getting away for a few days was a welcome change for both of us. 

While we were researching universities we did a little cupcake research as well at Georgetown Cupcake. The cupcakes are as pretty as they are delicious, with lots of flavors to choose from. I covet their pink bejeweled mixer.  

Traveling opens your mind to new places and ideas. You never know what is around the next corner which is what makes it so fun. The sunny yellow 'Peep' mobile made us smile. Surely it must mean spring is on the way.

Whether in a big city or a small town there is always beautiful and interesting architectural waiting to be admired.

When we travel we always try to eat at local establishments. The creamy crab soup at the Federal House Bar & Grille is so delicious I had to return a second time for more. 

At Sofi's Crepes savory or sweet crepes make a tasty snack or meal to satisfy either craving.

The ice cream at Annapolis Ice Cream Company is homemade on-site daily. There are so many tantalizing flavors to choose from it is truly hard to decide. After much deliberation Maddie picked chocolate Oreo, which the cute guy scooping the ice cream said was his favorite. I had blackberry cobbler that was loaded with cobbler. We were not disappointed with our choices we only wished we had time to return for more 'research'. 

The owner of the Boatyard Bar & Grill left a 30 year career in investment banking to open the restaurant. Have you ever wondered why so many great restaurants are started by people who have left other professions? I think it is because food brings such joy to life. When people are happy doing what they do you can't help but have great results. Being near an ocean doesn't hurt with a constant supply of fresh fish a stone's throw away. The crab cakes are a house specialty. They are chock-full of sweet, succulent crab.

A luminous sunset is the perfect ending to a fabulous meal. Well, that and an awesome dessert!

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