Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Gage

Back in the summer of 2009, Addison, Maddie, and I were in Chicago to visit the new Modern Wing  of The Art Institute of Chicago. Wandering through Millennium Park after viewing the new building and the exhibits we found ourselves in desperate need of lunch. By chance we stumbled upon The Gage. This was before we used our mobile phones for help. We just walked around and read menus until we found something to our liking. It was a great find.

So when our girl's weekend took us to Chicago this past summer we stopped for lunch at The Gage between shopping on Michigan Avenue and savoring the beauty of Millennium Park. Not only does The Gage serve well-prepared, delicious food it also delivers some very tasty libations. 

The resurgence of the cocktail is a trend that has been going on in America the past few years. While in Europe this summer I noticed it had entered their arena as well.

The bartender is now called a mixologist, creating signature drinks with house-made  flavorings. The cocktails are often served in interesting glasses or finished with an artful garnish. 

The crusty bread and salted butter at the The Gage would make an ample meal on its own. The rich restaurant decor is inviting and charming. I love the tin ceiling.

I appreciate an open kitchen in a restaurant as there is nothing to hide. It is also fun to watch the well choreographed rhythm of the kitchen staff.

We enjoyed lunch so much we returned the following day for brunch, which is something we don't often do. The Gage is well known for their exceptional burgers, as well as, brunch. The chef was kind enough to make it so we could each have a taste of the delicious burger.

It was convenient to have Millennium Park across the street so we could walk off all the food we had consumed. The park is so lush and lovely during the warm months of the year.

Chicago is such a great town. If you have never been, definitely put it on your bucket list.

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