Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sand or Sail?


When Chris and I lived in Palo Alto, we had the good fortune to have a small sailboat moored at Gashouse Cove Marina in San Francisco. She was a Danish Folkboat named Amber because she first sailed in the Baltic Sea. Every inch of Amber was wood. Our free time was precious, so we often faced the dilemma - sand or sail? Work or play? When we were sailing, we felt guilty we weren’t sanding. When we were sanding, we wished we were sailing. Finding the right balance was often the challenge. 

Water, especially salt water, is very hard on a boat, without continual maintenance there would be nothing left to sail. However, if you only work on the boat and never get to enjoy sailing her there is no point in having her. In the word's of my mother - everything in moderation.

I created this blog because I love to bake, cook, write, and take photos, and I wanted to share the story of our kitchen remodel. For me the creative part is play, however blog maintenance is work. It is no secret I am technologically impaired. I have been on a steep learning curve from the beginning. 

A month or so went by before I realized the comment section didn’t work. I have been trying to fix it ever since. After a lot of trial and error and much frustration, I think it now works correctly. You do have to enter a name and a valid email address, however, only the name will appear. The email address will not and it will not be shared or used in any way. So, even though I’m late to the party, if you want to comment on a previous post, please feel free. I promise to read all comments - even if they go back to the beginning. I do apologize that the comment section wasn’t working all along. 

I don't know what became of Amber. The man who bought her did so for the berth. He planned to replace Amber with his own boat and put her in dry-dock. I do hope he eventually found a new owner for her and that she is still lovingly cared for and enjoyed. Although she would be nearing 70 years old, I would imagine she still has many good years of sailing left, if she is both sanded and sailed. After all moderation is the key.

Chris and his father on Amber

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