Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Marble Tile

The last piece of the remodel puzzle was the tile back splash.  We had planned to do it ourselves. We even went to a class to learn how.  Unfortunately, we were nearing the end of summer and Addison had only a few days left before his return to school.  Much against our desire, we knew we needed a professional to finish the job.

I chose white carrara marble because the gray veins pulled together the white cabinets and gray walls.  I love marble because it reminds me of a pastry table.  When I was young we visited Mackinac Island in Michigan.  There were several candy shops on the island.  Their specialty was home-made fudge.  I remember watching, mesmerized, as a woman in a white apron worked the warm fudge on a long, white, marble-topped, table until it was cool enough to shape and cut.  My life-long pursuit of sweets began early.

Preparing for the tile

The tile contractor and two assistants spent an entire day laying the tile.  They had to cut lots of pieces to go around the electrical outlets and cabinets.  Their wet-saw was running all day.  It took another half-day to do the grout and seal the marble.   They did a beautiful job and we saved ourselves days of frustration and agony.  We had made the right decision to have the work done.

Tile before the grout

More tile

Tile with grout

When we removed the cabinet between the windows I really liked the open space.  I decided to leave it that way and add shelves.

Addison hanging the shelves

Now there were just a few tasks left:  paint the trim, touch-up the gray paint, deep clean, and put everything in the kitchen cabinets.  Our summer project was nearly complete.

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